Good Evening Raymond,

You have no idea how much I appreciate your beautiful photos!!!
Thank you so so much;-)))
Wonderful photography. You have taken some exquisite portraits of the female models.
Truly captivating.
Thank you so much for the photos of my flowers with the male models they look fantastic!


Beata Kaas
Master Floral Designer
Kaas Floral design
”Beauty will save the World” -Dostoevsky
— Email, Oct 28, 2018


group Photo of hockey team published in the October issue of the Markham Review newspaper.

Markham Review Oct 2018 issue_20181004_0001.jpg

 Posted by Markham Review on September 20, 2018 Click here for Markham Review


Toronto International Car Show, January 2018.

02-15-2018 International Car Show-2 shadow.jpg

Looking for something that

your neighbours don't already have.....

Agera RS, the fastest production car in the world, was showcased for the first time in Canada at the 2018 Canadian International Autoshow

02-15-2018 International Car Show-3 shadow.jpg

AJAC President Mark Richardson with Koenigsegg's CEO and founder Christian Von Koenigsegg.

02-15-2018 International Car Show-5 shadow.jpg

The wheels............

Perfect wheels for the ultimate dream car.

02-15-2018 International Car Show-6 copy.jpg
02-15-2018 International Car Show-7 shadow.jpg

Christian Von Koenigsegg posing with his company's flagship

vehicle Agera RS

02-15-2018 International Car Show-38 shadow.jpg
02-15-2018 International Car Show-41 shadow.jpg
02-15-2018 International Car Show-39 shadow.jpg

With the Agera RS at the Autoshow this year, it is helping to establish the Canadian International Autoshow as a must-attend venue for supercar makers around the world.